Welcome to Goto Lab!

We are conducting researches on image processing and signal processing.
Our researches were introduced in the book of technical treasure (Blind Image RestorationSuper-resolution).

What's new!

Lab. Member Updated2024/4/1
Graduation meeting for Bachelor students2024/2/15~16
Graduation meeting for Master students2024/2/9~10
Assignment to our Lab. for 3rd grade Bachelor students2023/11/29
IEEE GCCE 2022 at Osaka2022/10/18~10/21
Lab. Tour 20222022/10/5
New members2022/4/1
Degree Award Ceremony2022/3/26
IEEE LifeTech 2022 at Osaka2022/3/7~3/9
Graduation meeting for Bachelor students2022/2/15~16
Graduation meeting for Master students2022/2/9~10
Assignment to our Lab. for 3rd grade Bachelor students2021/12/1
Lab. Tour2021/10/17
GCCE2021 at Kyoto in Japan and online2021/10/12-10/15
ICCCI2021 at online2021/6/25-6/27
InMed21 at online2021/6/14-6/16
New members2021/4/1
Degree Award Ceremony?2021/3/26
Graduation meeting for Bachelor students2021/2/15, 16
Graduation meeting for Master students2021/2/4, 5
Assignment to our Lab. for 3rd grade Bachelor students2020/12
DMIP2020 at online2020/11/6-11/9
Lab. Tour2020/10/18
GCCE2020 at Kobe in Japan and online2020/10/13-10/16
ICCE-TW at Taoyuan in Taiwan and online2020/9/28-9/30
ICCCI2020 at online2020/6/26-6/28
InMed20 at online2020/6/17-6/19
New members2020/4/1
IEICE General Conf. at Hiroshima Univ.2020/3/17-3/20
IEEE LifeTech2020 at Mielparque Kyoto2020/3/10-3/12
Graduation meeting for Bachelor students2020/2/20
Graduation meeting for Master students2020/2/14
Year end party at Bincho-Okiya2019/12/20
ITE Winter Annual Convention at Univ. of Electro-Communications2019/12/12-12/13
DMIP2019 at Shanghai2019/11/13-11/15
Assignment to our Lab. for 3rd grade Bachelor students2019/11
IEEE GCCE 2019 at Senri Life Science Center2019/10/15-10/18
Seminar Travel at Gero hot spring2019/9/26-9/27
Tokai-section Joint Society at Daido Univ.2019/9/9-9/10
IEEE ICCE-Berlin 2019 at Berlin2019/9/8-9/11
FIT2019 at Okayama Univ.2019/9/3-9/5
Semester end party at Kyo-ka-tei2019/7/24
Graduation Research Theme Selection for 4th grade Bachelor students2019/6/4